Surf in Qingdao

Surf in Qingdao

Postby domingo » Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:46 pm

Hi Qingdao!

Anyone into surfing? I can see there is a big potential here, specially for typhoons and big swells from the south. I tried it last year and we were very lucky to have ridden and stood up on a long board that I borrowed from an expat living in Qingdao. (Thank you again) This year October break, we are planning to go back and have a bit of a search. Just wondering if someone here might have done it already, that will be a lot more easier. :) But again that's the whole adventure of it, the search. We will bring some magazines to show some local fisherman and we will keep our fingers crossed for the swell from the south to come. Hope we can hook up with some locals there. See yah!!!:D
here are some fun rides that year. ... G_3045.jpg ... G_3034.jpg
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Re: Surf in Qingdao

Postby takashi1231 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:57 pm

Hi. I'm a bodyboarder from Japan.
I don't live in China and I haven't been to Qingdao, but I come to Shanghai pretty often for work reasons.
Qingdao seems to be the closest surfable place from Shanghai, and I am actually thinking of going there this weekend.
BUT I don't know anyone there, I don't know anything about surfing in Qingdao, and I don't speak Mandarin at all, so I'm kinda scared to go there...
Do you have any information on surf scene in Qingdao, e.g. surf spots?

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