Hiking in Qingdao

Hiking in Qingdao

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Are you interested in Hiking in Qingdao City and its urban areas including famous Mount Lao (Laoshan) or even lessor know Fushan or Zhushan? If so please reply with your contact details or suggested itineraries.

Well known hiking areas in Qingdao:
Seaside Sightseeing Pathway in Shinan and Laoshan Districts
Fushan (浮山) in Shinan, Shibei, and Laoshan Districts
Zhushan (珠山) in Huangdao District
Old Town in Shinan District
Mount Lao (LaoShan 崂山) Scenic Area in Laoshan District

One Day Urban Hiking Tour in Qingdao City (Seaside):
Starting from the Railway Station head south until reaching Bathing Beach Number 6. From there head west until you reach Zhan Qiao which is considered by locals as the icon of Qingdao. After taking in the view and ocean breezes head east towards on TaiPing Road to TianHou Palace Temple (Qingdao Folk Custom Museum). Continue heading west on the TaiPing Road, stay left as it turns into LiaYang Road until you reach Qingdao Naval Museum. Next head down to QinYu Road which leads to Qiao Qingdao Island Scenic Area. Here is were you will find Qingdao's first lighthouse built by the Germans during the 1900s. After exploring the island light house head back over to LiaYang Road where you will find LuXun Park, a perfect place for a seaside pick-nick lunch. After lunch continue on east on LiaYang Road to NanHai Road where you will find Bathing Beach Number 1 and massive summer-time tourist crowds. For a more exclusive beach experience continue east towards Badaguan where you will find Bathing Beach Number 2 and known as China's "World Architecture Museum," is home to more than 200 European style villas built in the early 1900's.
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