Jet-skiing, Windsurfing, Sea/River Kayaking Instructor

Jet-skiing, Windsurfing, Sea/River Kayaking Instructor

Postby robin » Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:20 pm

Hello everyone,

My name's Thibault, I am a 27 year-old Frenchman currently living in France. I am a fully qualified instructor for the above-mentionned nautical activities and seeking a position as a teacher/coach/instructor for those in Qingdao.

As I do not speak any Chinese, I would really appreciate any help from anybody to help me in my endeavor. I have relatives in China who do speak Chinese if that helps, I am including their phone numbers at the end of this e-mail.

I am only looking for serious offers so please try to send reliable information through, please.

if anybody is interested or hear about anything worthwhile please do not hesitate to contact me/us on this phone number (relatives in Nanjing, Chinese, French, English, all ok) 138 1542 4405, alternatively you can contact me directly at I have resumes in French and English, photos and relevant documents and information at hand.

I am thanking you all in advance,

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