ESL Teachers Needed (Elementary & High School)

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ESL Teachers Needed (Elementary & High School)

Postby taylord-services » Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:02 am

ESL Teachers Needed at Elementary and High School in Qingdao

Location: 20 minutes north of downtown Qingdao by bus; school located on Jinsong 3rd Road.
Position: (2) teachers needed for primary school English teaching; and (1) High school ESL teacher needed to begin in January 2015 for orientation; and all teaching begins in February.
Duration: 2 year contract.

Offer: (15,000 RMB/month before tax). Maximum of 20 classes/week, plus some office time for subject teachers; not required for ESL teachers. National holidays off and paid; 8,000 RMB flight allowance for 1 year fulfillment of contract; must sign 2 year contract. Z visa, Foreign Expert Certificate, Residency Permit, Work Permit (all sponsored) and other document assistance as needed; Translator and location assistance for housing, but not paid

Description: This school is run by a team of both western and Chinese management. The teaching office is large with over 30 private cubicles for foreign and Chinese teachers to prepare their classes. All materials, and supplies are available or can be gained upon request. Staff is friendly and mostly English speaking. Hours are maximum 20 classes per week, and often not required to stay for office time for ESL teachers; subject teachers are strongly encouraged to stay; and all teachers are expected to participate in school activities and contribute to events.

Environment: This school houses over 400 students and faculty in a grand campus with ancient Chinese culture infused in the furniture, artwork, and coursework of the students. While the building and campus (inside and out) are modernly equipped, calligraphy and sculptures made by the students are displayed in the halls. This school aims for their students to learn English, and study abroad and offer to western schools cultural exchange. Directly outside the school gate, public transportation buses stop and park. While there is little for shopping around the school, transportation is very convenient and only 20 minutes from downtown central Qingdao by bus.

Qualifications: Bachelors degree; 2 years work experience (of any kind); preferably teaching in China and already in China; Teaching certificate or TESOL, TEFL, or equivalent is necessary for Z visa sponsorship. Foreign Expert Certificate must have minimum of 2 years before expiration; and passport must have 2 years or more before expiration.
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