Teaching English in Qingdao

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Teaching English in Qingdao

Postby Jon » Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:26 pm

I was looking for jobs Teaching English in Qingdao on the internet the other day and realized that there are lots of bullshit websites and posts by authors out there that are not really interested in helping you find the right English teaching job but rather just pocketing the commission that they will make when you sign a contract with the language school. I would recommend that you do some research on the schools that are offering any job positions to insure that they are legit with a good track record.

If you are serious about teaching English in Qingdao, then I would advise the use of Qingdao China Guide's list of ESL Schools in Qingdao as well as International Schools in Qingdao as a start for general information personalized reviews. You could also do a Google search for "Schools in Qingdao" and contact each individual school to see if they have any English teaching positions available.

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Re: Teaching English in Qingdao

Postby francis » Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:41 pm

Thanks, Francis.
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Re: Teaching English in Qingdao

Postby teachingnomad » Fri Apr 11, 2014 2:58 pm

Hey Jon,

You're right about there being some bad recruiters out there, but I currently work at an american-owned recruiting agency that checks every client, interviews current and former teachers at the school, and also verifies the documents and certifications submitted by teachers to ensure we're helping qualified people find suitable jobs rather than place a white face at a training school and pocket the commission. Also, all of us here in the office are American and some of us have been teachers who got screwed over one way or another (usually by schools, not recruiters).
Anyway, we only have one job in Qingdao for professional teachers that pays 250-350k and we will help negotiate the terms if you get an offer.
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Re: Teaching English in Qingdao

Postby taylord-services » Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:10 pm

Hey, Jon,
This is Amy in Taylord Specialized Services in Qingdao. I'm an assistant. We have just started our business in Qingdao but have helped many foreign teachers find good jobs (including teaching jobs) in Qingdao. The owner and operator Stormy is a very hard-working and kind-hearted American lady. The original purpose of setting up the Taylord Specialized Services (TSS) is to get the foreigners' lives easier and smoother in Qingdao, cause she knows how hard for a foreigner to start when they first come to a unfamiliar place. Anyway, hope there is anything we can help you. Feel free to contact me directly through phone 15621013906 or wechat 15621013906.
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Re: Teaching English in Qingdao

Postby robert morris » Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:42 pm

Hi there,

I`ve just been offered a position in Qingdao and have a number of concerns, hence I need some help. I have been teaching Business English for 9 years in Brazil, mostly in-company, for multinationals. I have also consulted schools and business on suitable pedagogical aspects of teaching and learning, methodologies, blended learning strategies and theory.

I do not have a degree but I do hold a CELTA certificate, and I am a TOEIC proctor. Before teaching I was a chef, and worked in hospitality and prior to this I owned a transport company.

So, I am wondering. What is a reasonable salary for someone with my qualifications and experience. And, should I expect holiday pay, medical insurance, airfare reimbursement etc.

I am really searching for a guide to teaching in Qingdao, and what I can expect. Certainly, I simply wish to be fair and reasonable.

Your advice is appreciated in advance.

Best Regards,
robert morris
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