Qualified Part-time German Teacher Needed in Qingdao

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Qualified Part-time German Teacher Needed in Qingdao

Postby pingpangqiu » Wed May 06, 2015 1:17 am

We need a qualified part-time German Teacher to teach a 30-year old professional executive in Qingdao. The student is looking for 6 hours of one-to-one classes every Saturday or Sunday in Shi nan district. They are a beginner but extremely motivated to learn.

The salary is very competitive for an experienced German Teacher.

If you are a native-German speaker, preferably with a German teaching qualification and have teaching experience please send your resume in English to: james.mctavish@captivatechina.com

If you have any German friends you think may be interested please let them know about this ad!

For more details feel free to contact us: 0532 5557 9497 / 9498.
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